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The group's declaration of a new caliphate in June 2014 and its adoption of the name "Islamic State" have been criticised and ridiculed by Muslim scholars and rival Islamists both inside and outside the territory it controls.and other countries generally call the group "ISIL", while much of the Arab world uses the Arabic acronym "Dāʻish".ISIL is now believed to be operational in 18 countries across the world, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, with "aspiring branches" in Mali, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines.Following this major defeat, in August of 2017 ISIL continued to lose territory to the various states and other military forces allied against it, resulting in significant territorial losses for ISIL in the areas of Syria and Iraq.It is interesting that for over 6000 years, Hinduism went by many names but Hinduism.The message of Islam came to Muhammad for the first time through the angel Gabriel, when he was 40 years old, in the year 610 AD, on Mount Hira, near Jabal al Nur, the Mountain of Light, in a cave, where he usually used meditate.The Blunders and Contradictions in the Quran reveal it for the lie it is.

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The people claim the Bible foretold of Muhammad's coming as a prophet, yet the Bible clearly shows the prophet Moses foretold of was fulfilled in and through Jesus Christ Their religion is one of hate, not love.

The word Hinduism was coined in the 1830s by British scholars to denote the religious traditions of the native Indians to distinguish them from other recognized religions.

While they are now popular all over the world under the generic name Hinduism, for generations Hindus recognized their religious traditions as aspects of one eternal Truth that went by the name "sanatana dharma" or eternal law.

At the time the local Arab tribes of Aus and Khazraj dominated the city, and were in constant conflict.

Medinans saw in Muhammad an impartial outsider who could resolve the conflict.


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