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Still, every once in a while, romance peeks out long enough to wink at you.

Here are a few games that bring love - or at least lust - to the Wii.

The objectives in Harvest Moon vary based on the game in the series but generally involves the revitalising of a run-down farm and the surrounding area.

In these games you can run your own farm, store or a business while you manage your time carefully for maximum efficiency.Other features that the various titles offer include foraging, mining, pets, resource gathering, fishing and collecting objects.The underlying focus of the game though is on carefully managing your time and energy each day in order to get the maximum number of tasks completed. She is a big fan of their fashion styles and accessories that they use to create lovely and fun looks.Her latest fashion fav is the great kawaii, which means...Sanrio might be completely foreign to you, but if you love kawaii and cute clothes and bright pink pastel colors, you'll love all of the fashion that Hello Kitty has to teach you!


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