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Similarly, as most locals take a great deal of pride in their appearance, grubbing around in a crumpled T-shirt speckled with last night’s jerk sauce is a guaranteed way not to be taken seriously.

In terms of general dress codes, though, you’ll want something smart if you plan on clubbing, and men will need long trousers if planning to dine at the better restaurants (jackets are required only at the most expensive places).

LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; an inclusive term for groups and identities sometimes also associated together as "sexual minorities." Men who have sex with men: men who engage in sexual behavior with other men, but do not necessarily identify as "gay," "homosexual" or "bisexual." Sexual orientation: the way in which a person's sexual and emotional desires are directed.

Sources indicated that many police killings were unreported, with police meting out the justice they see as unavailable through the judicial system.Civilian authorities generally maintained effective control of the security forces.While the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens, there were serious problems in some areas, including unlawful killings committed by members of the security forces, abuse of detainees and prisoners by police and prison guards, poor prison and jail conditions, impunity for police who committed crimes, an overburdened judicial system and frequent lengthy delays in trials, violence and discrimination against women, trafficking in persons, and violence against person based on their suspected or known sexual orientation.Transgender: One whose inner gender identity differs from the physical characteristics of his/her body at birth.Female-to-male transgender people were born with female bodies but have a predominantly male gender identity; male-to-female transgender people were born with male bodies but have a predominantly female gender identity.Jamaicans are refreshingly direct; your big nose or bald head will be seen as fair game for comment, and while an open invitation to bed within the first five minutes of meeting someone can be disconcerting, you at least know where you stand.


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