Dayanara torres dating anyone intimidating nicknames for guys

Dayanara is mostly loquacious although she is a fierce protector of her family and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

She does not speak Spanish, which draws the annoyance of Gloria.

Her first marriage to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa lasted less than a year and did not end well.

In Season Two, she begins to feel guilty for framing Mendez as the father of her child and constantly flips between wanting Mendez to walk away free and not wanting getting Bennett into trouble.

She has a much shorter temper during her two pregnancy and is quicker to suffer impatience and irritation, which causes Bennett to compare her to her mother, much to Daya's displeasure.

Amaury stopped briefly on the beach to chat with Paris Hilton.

Here’s a little history lesson thanks to Wikipedia: In 2000, Dayanara met and married Marc Anthony.


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