Best soap opera show for dating mating pickup

Nearly all soap operas last endless number of seasons. Secondly, you can become really addicted to soap operas.

However, there are other people, who find soap operas enjoyable.

[Scene: Monica's apartment] Joey: (enters the room) Hey, you guys, what are you doing tomorrow night? Joey: Look, my agent hooked me up with six tickets to a great play. (Ross starts snoring, faking to fall asleep) Phoebe: I know, I know, we can drive, we can vote, we can work, what more do these broads want? Joey: I wish I could but I just found out that I have to be at work really early the next day, so I can't go, but, you know, take the extra ticket and invite whoever you want. Rachel: Do you think it's possible for two friends to fool around and...

Chandler: (browsing through a diary) Well, let me see... Joey: You guys are gonna have a great time, I promise! Chandler: (browsing through a diary) Uh, let's see, who do I hate? (pause) (Rachel is all bah-jiggity about Joey) oh, ah...

In conclusion I would like to say I don't think that soap operas are bad for people or that they do not need them at all.

If the person wants to see it and he finds it enjoyable and realistic- it is his opinion and his choice.

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On the one hand, soap operas can help us to spend out time rather nice, because they are very interesting and true-to-life.

Thirdly, I think that if you have a free time and want to relax, it would be much better to watch documentary or feature film.

However, there are other people, who believe that this is a waste of time. It is like a drug: you want to watch more and more and cannot stop.

She ends up telling everyone else, except for Chandler, who because he's not here, goes to the one-woman show all alone.

Meanwhile, Ross meets a colleague, professor Charlie Wheeler and invites her to the party, thinking about dating her.


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