Android example of updating textview

As you can see, the refresh Thread updates the search collection (make sure the method is synchronized) and later notifies the main (UI) thread to update the list.

: A callback method executed on UI thread, invoked after the completion of the task.

I have searched deep into the internet and see many people who ask the same question, I tested threads but could not work, someone has a simple working example of doing this?Fill in the name of the application, the project and the package in the appropriate fields and then click Next.In the next window, the “Create Activity” option should be checked.There are a few steps and you didn't mention how much you know versus how much you don't.Assuming your UI initial structure is defined in the res/layout and it includes a Text View somewhere, in your activity: All of this is thread-safe, meaning it will allow you to 'change' GUI from threads other than the main thread by sending the message to the main thread that the UI needs updating.Related: Programmatically Align Android Text View in the Center of the Screen How to Make Scrollable Text View in Android How to Set Android Button and Text View Border Color Buttons - Android Button Examples res/layout/textview_src/Main Now, run your application which will look like output given below.


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